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Our mission is to make the world a brighter place and we use the “Markslöjd” brand to achieve this goal. To respect international law/human rights is something that makes the world a brighter place.We neither purchase products from the Russian Federation / the Republic of Belarus,nor sell products to these countries.

Why Markslöjd?

1. Swedish / Scandinavian design. In our office in Marks municipality our product developers and designers sit and develop new products. We also collaborate with several Swedish and Scandinavian designers.

2. A few thousand retailers cannot be wrong. Yes, that's right, Markslöjd is found almost all over Europe and we have thousands of retailers. What a strength!

3. Spare parts, we know that accidents happen. A glass that gets broken or something happens to break. That is why we are offering spare parts for many of our products. We cannot guarantee to have it for everything , but for many.

4. Our goal is to be able to inspire you to create your dream home, or your dream garden for that matter. With products that we design ourselves or with the help of our design partners, we create unique products.